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Organizational Health Collective

Advancing the Organizational Health Movement Together Through Connection

Would you like a place to grow in your practice of Organizational Health?

What would you do if you could accelerate your growth toward becoming an expert Organizational Health Practitioner that leaders were eager to not only work with, but hand the keys to their development of their organizational leaders over to?

We believe we need each other to be the best Consultants and Practitioners we can be!

Would you like a space to connect with other OH Practitioners to:

Encourage One Another

Engage in Ongoing OH Consulting Development

Join in Peer Coaching & Learning from One Another

Grow in Business Development

Find Others to Partner With

Network with Others in the OH World

Relate With Each Others Successes & Struggles

Share Resources, Best Practices, Etc.


  • Our Values

    We are Organizational Health Nuts! - We really believe Organizational Health is the biggest difference maker for creating better companies and lives (We're ALL-IN!)

    We are Naked Practitioners - (No not physically!) in our vulnerability, authenticity and humility with our clients. [See the book "Getting Naked" by Patrick Lencioni]

    We are Growth Focused - Wanting to learn and grow ourselves and wanting to help others learn and grow.

    We are World-Changers! - We want to see the Organizational Health Movement sweep the globe transforming the world of work—one company at a time!

  • Come Join us Today in The Organizational Health Collective!

    The Results

    You'll Get

    Our community, resources and events are really special. We believe they will make a huge difference in your life.

    Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Organizational Health Collective:

  • Experience accelerated growth in your expertise.

  • Gain others to learn together, be encouraged, challenged, and held accountable by.

  • Obtain referral partners you trust to pass work to and receive work from.

  • Stop attempting to figure out everything on your own and instead learn and live out best practices, and share tools and resources, so that not only can you do excellent engagements, but you will become the go to expert in your area.

  • Approach leaders with a new confidence in the impact your Organizational Health work will have on the company and its employees.

  • Build relationships with a whole new group of potential partners for those large engagements, so you will no longer have to go it alone.

  • Here is a sneak peek inside the Organizational Health Collective site

    to give you a feel for what it is like to be on the inside...

    Join Us On This OH Journey Today!!

    Click on the link below to Join the Organizational Health Collective.

    Join Us On This Journey!

    Building A Movement Where We Can Continue to Grow and Partner Together

    We believe we need YOU!

    Together we will make the world of work a healthier place!

    Organizational Health Collective

    Learn, grow, and change the world of work together!

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